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We are Aktivis!  A modern mid-size software company that obsesses over digital transformation. We breathe, think and work digitally. We offer high quality and expertise through our portfolio so our clients can thrive, be more productive and adaptive to change. Our governance platform supports a holistic approach to customer processes offering workflow management and process integration through a transparent and secure customer-centric environment. But as efficient as we may be, we’re people first and we know how to make every business process people-friendly. Our people value individual contribution, mutual respect, supportive culture and personal integrity. We are always learning. We are always trying to be better. We love challenges and hope you do too. Join us in driving the next digital transformation together.


You’ll have our support to do your finest work, enjoy your day-to-day and get where you want to go.

Alongside flexible working hours and continuous professional development opportunities, our employees also enjoy special discounts, a multisport card, and brand new business equipment. If you join us we’ll provide you with a mentor who will care for your achievements and growth. We take care of each other and you’ll have the support of your colleagues and leaders. Perhaps you’re not an early bird or you’re at your best when working from the comfort of your home – good news is that flexibility is our strong point. After completing your work for the day, taking it back home with you is not an option (unless you really want to J). Also, there is no such thing as unpleasant “overtime” surprises or after-work calls. We respect your time and understand the importance of balancing private and business aspects of your life. Our goal is to offer everyone the opportunity to adapt and organize their work tasks around their private and family activities.


Join our movement to digitalize the future

Aktivis is a friendly and collaborative workplace that focuses on personal growth. We foster innovation by continually exploring new ideas, embracing change and striving to always do things the right way. What is of most value to any company? People, their knowledge, experience and effort, of course! Here you’ll be able to show all your skills and exchange your opinions with colleagues, learn from top experts, and develop and build your career in the IT world.


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(Home) Office work

The work you do is far more important than where and when you do it. That’s why we enjoy flexible work schedules and work from home opportunities.

Flexible working hours

We offer flexible start times.

Learners are Earners

Conferences, training sessions, meetups, external and internal workshops – all at your disposal.

Mentorship program

Highly experienced mentors will help you out and provide real-time feedback and support.

Book budget

Worms are not really wanted at our office. Book worms, however, are more than welcome! Order multiple books and e-books free of charge.


Get discounts on stuff from our partners, theaters and museums

Aeron Herman Miller chairs

Herman Miller is one of the most iconic office chair brands in the entire world. Your mentors won’t be the only ones that have your back.

Chill out zone

Food and snacks

Healthy (and non-healthy!) snacks and beverages.

Newborn gift program

The program aims at welcoming your little one with a small token of love.


The most legendary teambuildings, three days of activities and pure fun at special locations.


Subsidized sports activities card that grants access to hundreds of different gyms, studios and swimming pools all around Croatia.

Paid language courses

Paid language courses help our employees master the English language.

Paid vacation for everyone

Students or not, everybody deserves a time to unplug, reset and recharge.

We are Aktivis

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Horvatova ul. 82, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia